A future-focused, non-profit think tank for the digital economy.

The Digital Think Tank by ICTC is the research and policy arm of the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). We strive to shape a vibrant and equitable digital future. To accomplish this, we need forward-looking insights and creative solutions to advance a digital economy that works for all. By providing evidence-based foresight, we help decision-makers navigate the intersection of public policy, societal challenges, and digital trends to cultivate shared prosperity.

As your think tank for the digital economy, we identify and answer practical questions related to key technologies, economics, social impacts, education, skills and labour, market trends and competition, data and security, trade and investment to help you navigate digital opportunities and advance pivotal business, economic, and societal outcomes.

How We Help You Navigate the Digital Economy

Trusted research and impactful publications

Inform decision-making on emerging technology, the future of work, skill development, and training. Stay informed about the impact of tomorrow’s technology on your sector.

  • Define opportunities in emerging technology

  • Understand labour supply gaps

  • Inform educational and professional programming

  • Uncover new markets and foreign direct investment opportunities

Professional data analytics

Source behind-the-scenes data and its implications for your program or service, along with visualizations that allow you to tell a story to your network and community.

  • Track economic trends

  • Map unique regional attributes

  • Deliver labour market insights

  • Define job-specific skill needs

Community-focused facilitation

Engage in community leadership and cross-industry collaboration in the digital economy through forums, engagement sessions, and research-oriented workshops.

  • Gather grassroots community feedback

  • Bring together private and public stakeholders

  • Inform future project deliverables with community buy-in

  • Explore ecosystem needs and opportunities

Evidence-based policy recommendations

Craft effective policy recommendations, grounded in research, to help shape your technology ecosystem.

  • Secure a fresh perspective on modern-day policy challenges

  • Obtain evidence-based policy recommendations from a neutral third-party

  • Supplement your existing organizational capacity with affordable and reliable policy services

Innovative web tools

Create and launch interactive community engagement tools to showcase your data and communicate with stakeholders.

  • Leverage skill matching to recommend effective up-skilling

  • Showcase job markets that require certain skills

  • Display your city's unique economic opportunities to the world

  • Provide stakeholders interactive engagement opportunities

Our Work

The Digital Landscape

"The digital economy is multifaceted, global, fast paced, and follows diverging and at times predisposed trends. Technologies are accelerating innovations and are changing industries faster than economies can adjust. New national and international markets are spawning and competition is fierce, leading to new urban trends and employment prospects, while also posing new social and economic pressures. Climate change and health matters are now demanding our full attention. The hyper-connected and data driven world is also creating new economic prospects while putting pressure on cyber resiliency and privacy that are making governing harder than ever. While the stakes are high, the opportunities are even greater for those who are able to leverage the full potential of this fast-evolving landscape."

- Namir Anani, ICTC President and CEO


Get in touch to discuss how the Digital Think Tank by ICTC can help you.

Whether you’re seeking to gain foresight on emerging technology, map labour markets, or engage with your community in a new way, we’re ready to work with you to enhance your professional understanding of the digital economy.

Your Multidisciplinary Digital Think Tank

Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of data scientists, economists, social scientists, policy analysts, stakeholder relations experts, and communications and coordination professionals. Collectively, we bring decades of experience in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors, along with academic expertise, to explore today’s most timely and important questions.

"In 2019, I conducted a research mission to Canada to study technology growth, the demand for ICT specialists, and the need for education and training while managing the ILO’s ‘Future of Work in ICT’ global research project. ICTC’s expertise, extensive network, and its commitment to building an inclusive digital economy was extremely valuable in increasing our knowledge on tackling skills shortages and encouraging better managed migration in the field of ICT."

- Hitomi Nakagome, Senior Technical Officer at ILO

Stay engaged with our work on economics, technology, and the social impacts of tech through our email briefing, the Digital Policy Salon. Your source for in-depth insights into the digital economy and the policies that shape it.

Digital Think Tank by ICTC is the research and policy arm of the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). We provide future-focused research and publications that inform evidence-based policies and forward-looking insights for the digital economy.

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